Cinelerra: Using Ready Projects Print


 In NLE Cinelerra links to resources are specified as absolute paths (from the root directory of the file system to a specific file). Therefore, any change in location of files or the project itself leads to rupture of relations between resources. These links (paths) can be restored by editing the project file (.xml). But this is not always efficient work, especially at the stage of training.

To facilitate exchange of ready Cinelerra projects (.xml files and its environment), we create all projects in directory /home, and users are encouraged to unpack archives with these projects in the same directory /home. This simple action (this is probably not very convenient) lets use the project immediately after unpacking, as far as the identity of absolute paths is preserved. Consider the /home directory as an editing table for your projects. Work in this directory only with one project (you can, of course, have a greater number of projects) and archive all projects with which you are not working currently. Creating an archive protects work you've done from accidental changes and other kinds of errors.

Unpacking of the project is carried out under root.

 Available projects are located at